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Depressed? Try these 5 tips to treat your depression

When you are feeling down or sad for a long period of time, you may be suffering from depression. Depression can make your life miserable and you are not alone who are suffering from this problem. Because of depression, you may lose the motivation to work. So it is important to treat depression. …

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4 Best ways to handle stress

Stress is nothing else but a part of our lives. Your environment, body or thoughts, anything can make you stressed. It is a body reaction to any change which requires adjustment or response.  Stress can be mental, physical or emotional. Sometimes stress can make bade impact in your life also and …

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5 tips for students to improve concentration

If you are a student, you know the importance of executive fictions of our brain which are the memory, concentration, focus, etc. There are lots of issues you have to face because of which may be your executive functions become weaker. Concentration is very much important for a student to study w…

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How to combat summer fatigue

Causes for summer fatigue

Summer fatigue is actually the normal response to the summer season. During the summer season, sweats come out from our bodies because of which we may have to suffer from fatigue.

Because of the heat in the summer, the metabolism in our body slowed down because of whi…

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4 best techniques to improve your memory

Memory helps us to stay connected with the past with the help of which you can plan your future. So to lead a successful life, it is important to have a strong memory. But, because of various reasons, we may have to lose our memory. So here we discuss 4 techniques by following which you can improv…

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How to improve your memory

In research, it is shown that in early adulthood, our brain functions are in peak and then slowly those start to decline. One of those brain functions is the memory and if you are a working person you know how much it is important in our life. But, because of stress, anxiety and many other issues,…

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